Sheila Bleck Wins The Open Women's Bodybuilding Division At The 2014 IFBB Wings Of Strength Tampa Pro

Sheila Bleck 2014 Tamp Pro Great Legs

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I'm here to congratulate a friend of mine, for winning the 2014 IFBB Wings Of Strength Tampa Pro and taking home the best poser award for the Open Women's Bodybuilding Division! Shes one of the best stage performers the sport of bodybuilding has ever seen, bringing creativity, flawless movement and exceptional control to the stage. As a professional, she works hard and demands perfection from herself. The intense preparation and conditioning paid off; her physique was fantastic. I'm also honored to say she performed to an instrumental of mine titled Out From The Darkness (visit my music page ).

Listen to my song Out From The Darkness on my .

Check out the post competition interview below with RXMuscle's own Dave Palumbo talking to Sheila! (*Thanks for the shout out in the interview Sheila!)

*Note: I do not manage shemuscle.net any longer.

Sheila Bleck Image Gallery:
Sheila Bleck 2014 Tampa Pro Flexing Back And Calves
Sheila Bleck 2014 Tampa Pro Posing Her Muscles
Sheila Bleck 2014 Tampa Pro Winners Circle
Sheila Bleck 2014 Tampa Pro Holding A Sword
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