How To Setup Custom Redirects On Blogger To Point Old URL's To New Pages

How To Setup Custom Redirects On Blogger To Point Old URL's To New Pages

While doing some blog maintenance, I noticed I had slightly changed the title of a tutorial after importing the post, therefore the new posts url was different from the previous one that had been indexed into Google's search. This would lead to a "No Posts" page on my website, instead of the actual post. Thankfully Blogger has an easy to use function that allows URL redirection. I'll show you how to use it, let's go!

The Tutorial:

1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard and select Settings from the drop down menu on the desired blog.
2. Under Settings select Search Preferences (See image above).
3. To The right you'll see a section that is titled: Errors And Redirections (See image above).
4. Locate the option that reads Custom Redirects and click the Edit button to the right of it, you should see what is pictured below.

How To Use The Custom Redirects Setting On Blogger

5.In the section to the right of From: you are going to place the Old URL and in the section that says To: you are going to place the New URL, but only copy the part that comes after your domain name, you do not copy and paste the entire URL For example I pointed this URL:


To this URL:


I only copied...

This in the From:


This in the To:


Finally, check the Permanent box, click Save and you're done!

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