How To Remove The "No Posts" Message On Blogger

How To Remove The No Posts Message On Blogger

If you're a fan of the content management system (CMS) and blogging platform Blogger, chances are as you dive deeper into learning about it you'll want to customize parts of your website further. You'll also find that there are useful but limited tools available for customizing your site through the template designer. To get around that you simply have to add a little bit of code to your HTML. Above you'll see a simple screen capture image of the No Post text that Blogger displays when no post is found at the url you are directed to. If this happens on your blog it's probably because you deleted an old post and the search engines still have the page indexed. If you do not want this text to be displayed on your blog when this happens follow, this simple tutorial:

The Tutorial:

1. From your Blogger Dashboard select Template from the drop down menu on the desired blog.
2. Select Edit HTML.
3. Select Customize (located under the small image preview of your blog).
4. Select Advanced.
5. Scroll all the way to the bottom and select Add CSS.
6. Copy and paste the code below into the Add CSS section.

.status-msg-wrap { display: none; }

7. Select Apply To Blog and then return to your Blogger Dashboard.
8. You're done!


  1. Helpful, but Is there any way to change no post into another text?

  2. very helpful article thank you admin for sharing this :)


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