Logitech - K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard For Mac Review

Logitech - K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard For Mac Review By Justin Woodie

I was in the market for a new keyboard for my Mac Mini and was drawn to a couple variations I had seen online. For years, at least three, I've run a wired keyboard from the mini. As much as I love the thin, simple design of the Apple keyboard itself I wanted to go wireless. With the way technology has advanced in the past few years, why not right? As I said, I narrowed my search down to a couple options, both being by the awesome tech giant Logitech, whom I've grown to love after purchasing their wireless, rechargeable mouse. Yes, their products are pricey, but in the long run they're worth every penny. Just like Apple. I'm now addicted to both companies, I may have a problem, but I'm fine with it.

Logitech - K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard for Mac

Let's start with the first question...why did I pick this keyboard?

Simple, two reasons, it's wireless and solar powered. I've hassled with battery powered mice in the past and found as much joy shelling out money and replacing batteries in them as I would getting a weekly root canal at the Dentist. Once I jumped on the wireless bandwagon I was hooked. Sure you could buy rechargeable batteries, but why, if the company offers a rechargeable device that's battery free for a little more?

What's so great about solar power?

Everything, I'm waiting for the day that all my devices are powered by the sun, it's coming and it will be epic!

First, not having an annoying cord joined with fifteen others in a mangled mess behind my desk is fantastic. Sure I always tell myself that I'm going to run all my cords neatly and fasten them together, it's going to look great! Unfortunately that goes right out the window along with my patience after plugging in the first device. It all sounded so good, until I had to do it. So yea, it's a mess and wireless technology solves that problem. Yes!

Second, the solar panels can be recharged by sun, natural or lamp light. A single charge can last up to 3 months in total darkness. Wow, if this isn't persuading you take out your wallet, I don't know what will.

Is it easy to install?

Extremely, It comes with a small wireless USB plug that you simply plug in to your mac and are ready to use in seconds!

What else do I like about it?

One of the other big draws for this keyboard was it's size and weight. It's large, 19 inches across, holding 121 keys and quite light. And while it may be light, it's very well made and not in the least bit cheap. I honestly can't find anything wrong with this Logitech keyboard.

It's awesome, check it out and get it! Logitech - K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard for Mac!

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