How To Manually Eject And Remove A CD Stuck In Your Apple Mac Mini Desktop Computer

How To Manually Eject And Remove A CD Stuck In Your Apple Mac Mini Desktop Computer

Apple Mac Mini Computer If you're an owner of a Mac Mini computer from 2010 or earlier than your model came with a built in CD drive. Apple has since done away with this feature in their newer models, but it's great to have - even though it's use has been very unfrequent in recent years due to the growth of online application downloads. However, on the occasion when the necessity for inserting a CD comes up, my Mac Mini is fully prepared! On a handful of occasions I ran into the problem of getting a CD stuck in the machine and found out quite quickly that there was no manual eject button located on the outside of the computer. So like anyone else, I realized it was the end and all was lost - right? No, luckily there's an easy solution for this problem, let me walk you through it!

The Tutorial:

1. Turn Off your Mac.
2. Immediately hold down the left mouse button, then press the power button to restart the Mac.
3. Keep the left mouse button held down until the CD ejects from the drive.

That's it :)

Now you can relax and remove the thoughts of heaving your Mac out of an open window, which I considered before researching the problem.

If you'd like to stay up to date with anything regarding Mac Mini, visit Apple.com/mac-mini!

If you'd like to know more information on your specific Mac Mini such as the model number, year or internal specifications, check out this page on Apple's website: How to identify Mac mini models.

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