How To Setup The Path Environment Variable To Run Java On Windows 7

How To Setup The Path Environment Variable To Run Java On Windows 7

Head First Java 2nd Edition Book Kindle And Paperback If you're new to Java and want to get your computer setup to run the path environment properly, this tutorial will walk you through the steps needed. Specifically, this tutorial is for Windows 7 users, let's get started!

The Tutorial:


download the Java Developer Kit (JDK) (see above image for reference) from the Oracle Java website and install it on your computer (make sure to accept the user license agreement to begin downloading)

Link: oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk7-downloads-1880260.html


Click Start
Click Computer
Click C: drive (or the drive you install your programs on)
Click Program Files (86x)
Click the Java folder
Click the Bin folder
Bring your mouse to the top and click to the right of the word bin on the information bar which will show you the location of the folder
Highlight the folder location and copy it using Ctrl C (you will need this for the next step)

How To Setup The Java Bin Folder Tutorial


Click Start
Right - Click Computer
Click Advanced System Settings under control panel home
Click Environmental Variables
Select Path from the system variables box (you'll need to scroll to find it)

How To Set The Path Environmental Variables Box for Java Tutorial


Click Edit path
In the box to the right of Variable Value paste the copied folder location from step two: C:\Program Files(x86)\Java\jdk1.7.0_25\bin followed by a semi colon with no spaces on either side in the very front of C:\Program Files\Com.....
note: do not delete or paste over the old path as you will need it along with the new folder location to run this correctly)
View the image below and you will see a semicolon separating the word bin and C: thus separating your new java bin folder location and the old path

How To Edit The Variable Path For Java Tutorial


Click Start
Type UAC where it says Search program and files
Click Change User Account Control Settings on the list
Drag the slider bar downwards to Never Notify
Click OK

You're done!

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