Sheila Bleck IFBB Pro Female Bodybuilder And The Music Of Twotenkahmen

Sheila Bleck Ripped Muscular Legs And Calves

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Many years back I started creating music under the name and when I thought my tracks were decent enough, I shared them with the world on (I haven't updated music on here in years). I wasn't expecting anyone to even listen to my music but to my surprise, female bodybuilder reached out to me. She truly enjoyed my instrumentals and wanted to choreograph a performance at one of her national bodybuilding shows to my song "On My Way Home". I was thrilled, to say the least. This began our friendship and my support for her and other female athletes in the sport.

*Update: 8/9/14: Read a post on Sheila's Win at the 2014 Tamp Pro !

Below is a video of Sheila performing at the 2006 NPC Nationals to my song "On My Way Home" where she placed 3rd in the women's heavyweight bodybuilding division.

Below is a video of Sheila performing at the 2007 NPC USA Bodybuilding And Figure Championships to my song "The Capture" where she placed 2nd in the women's heavyweight bodybuilding division.

Sheila brings uniquely choreographed performances to the stage every contest. Her impressive muscles have been built over the course of many years and earned her the rank of professional bodybuilder. While shes known for having a well balanced physique, her legs get lots of attention, especially her calves. She currently sits as one of the top competitors in the world.

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Sheila Bleck Muscular Legs Back Calves

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Sheila Bleck Flexing A Bicep With Legs And Calves In High Heels

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Sheila Bleck Ripped 2012 Pro Female Bodybuilding Content On Muscular Development

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Sheila Bleck Posing Her Ripped Muscles In The Sand For EJMCoPhotography

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