Star Trek Trekkies Q - Pop Vinyl Figures - Captain James T. Kirk, Spock And Nyota Uhura

Star Trek Trekkies Captain James T. Kirk Q-Pop Vinyl Figure Review By Justin Woodie

If you're a serious Trekkie, fan of Star Trek or just love to collect vinyl figures the Q-Pop line might be for you. I'm sure growing up as a kid playing with toys you would create dialogue for them, well now you can visually display it! Each of these vinyls have a speech balloon board and dry erase marker for all the funny quotes and comments you can think of! If you're curious about the size, all of them stand roughly 4.5 inches tall.

First and foremost let's introduce the main man of the Enterprise, ! His cocky, funny and never give up attitude has made him quite the sensation on the big screen. The figure definitely captures his personality!

Star Trek Trekkies Spock Q-Pop Vinyl Figure Review By Justin Woodie

Next, the second man in charge, super genius, ! His depicted body language perfectly fits his demeanor. They definitely got it spot on!

Star Trek Trekkies Nyota Uhura Q-Pop Vinyl Figure Review By Justin Woodie

Finally, the lovely lady on board, ! I've got to say, as much as I like this figure, her arms and hands in the air look awkward, like a zombie strolling for brains! What do you think?

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